I’m Elise Breeding and I’m a photographer in the NW Oklahoma City / Piedmont area.

A little about me (the fun stuff):

  • I like coffee (cold brew), ice cream, old movies and old cameras. Did I mention I like coffee?
  • I can make any child smile. It may require weird noises and me making a fool of myself but it’s totally worth it.
  • I’m a Texan by birth, Okie at heart.
  • Photography is in my blood, three generations deep.

More about me (just the facts):

  • Photographic Arts degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. Go Bronchos!
  • Certified Professional Photographer thru Professional Photographers of America.
  • Past President of Professional Photographers of Oklahoma.
  • A full time photographer, wife and mom. (Whew, I’m tired!)
Elise Breeding